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Seddit - La sédition s'organise sur Reddit

2008.07.23 00:56 Seddit - La sédition s'organise sur Reddit

Seddit est francophone mais toutes les autres langues sont acceptées. Contre le capitalisme sous toutes ses formes (d'État, autogéré, ect...) ou tout autre système d'exploitation, de soumission de l'humain par l'humain. Contre les nations, frontières, classes et contre toutes les formes de hiérarchies humaines basés sur le sexe, la couleur de peau, etc... Pour une société mondiale sans classes, sans État, sans argent, sans travail salarié.

2008.04.08 07:18 Seduction, Self-Improvement and Pick-up

Help with dating, with a focus on how to get something started up, whether the goal is casual sex or a relationship. Learn how to connect with the ones you're trying to get with!

2011.09.29 14:18 aeoz compilation of the best seddit posts


2020.09.15 11:27 SedditThrowaway85 I’m a mid-30s ‘OG’ PUA who started in the Ross Jeffries days. I’ve had hundreds of successes over the years and have coached PU sporadically. AMA

Hi guys, I’m not a Reddit user usually, but a Seddit user who’s also a friend of mine asked me to do this, as he said there may be some of you that could find value in it. The title is pretty self explanatory - I started as a clueless teenager almost twenty years ago and managed to turn it around, met countless women (probably 375+), had wild experiences and some abject failures too. I’m still single and still practice pickup occasionally. I will answer anything and everything and won’t try to sell you anything at all - all advice is for free. Cheers
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2020.08.19 20:13 AlbinosRa Threads récentes sur la subjectivité.

u/Mabillon propose de lire Nietzsche mais collectivement, donc c'est pas comme dans le meme.
u/Bigfluffyltail partage un entretien de 96 avec Michel Henry, qui concerne le rapport au travail, entre milles autre choses.
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2020.08.08 20:50 Recoveringherein2020 Every woman has a motive, your job is to figure out where you fit into that.

So where do I even begin with this other than the fact that for any minority, especially Asian men, this is something to really keep in mind when you go out there and pursue women. For those of you who have been in the game long enough, you may have even noticed trends overtime in the kinds of women that warm up to you and the kinds of women that do not. The trends you may have noticed may even be the same for men who look like you and in this case other Asian men.
All too often though, we mistakingly think that our "game" wasn't good enough or we aren't good enough.
Maybe we came off in a certain way or we were not fit enough, that shirt seemed too loose perhaps? I kind of blame this on the pickup artist movement where they teach you that looks don't matter and oh the funnier part, race doesn't mean anything. Even on a lot of pickup communities here on reddit or places like seddit, they remove all posts where you talk about culture, race, and that aspect of game. The problem here and one of the things which led to the eventual downfall of the pickup artist movement is that this shit matters a lot, and pickup gurus ignored it or downplayed it which made others lose faith in the movement. As much as I am a fan of self-improvement and bettering yourself, others simply caught on.
I mean how do you explain a situation which all of us have seen where some fat or uglier white guy gets a hot girl, especially of a certain minority group, and the good looking ethnic guys are left scratching their heads wondering what the fuck? Well, let me get into that for you!
But we ignore the other perspective, why women do what they do, what goes on in their head.
We think that by some corny pickup lines or some psychological tricks that we can get a woman to like us, that is BS. When you factor in race and culture, you are trying to override years if not decades of potential hatred that she was subject to. Family, friends, colleagues, and men she has been with in the past have played a massive role in her seeing the world the way she does. If you are telling me that lifting a few extra pounds in the gym or learning some psychological gimmick is going to change that, I ask what rock have you been living under?
Based on their upbringing, background, and culture; women have motives. Your job, is to figure out where you fit into that.
Let's talk about a scenario you are all too familiar with as Asian men which is good looking Asian women born in the US dating a white guy who is not even that special. Well, Asian men are not the only men who deal with that either. Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Indian/Pakistani, and most ethnic men from immigrant groups who arrive to the US deal with that too although maybe not to the same degree as Asian men. When their sisters are younger, in their prime, and looking good; they likely bring home a white guy or mess around with them. In some cases, these women will even take a lesser white guy over a cool guy of their own race.
But we get to the motive.
Compared to even a white girl whose family has been in America for generations, the ethnic girl is lost and trying to fit in. While the blonde haired blue eyed American ideal which is considered the throne and queen of America knew who she was and could do whatever she wanted, it was not the case for her ethnic friend. For her ethnic friend, there was a tight pickle she was in. If she hangs out with people of her own race or background too much, she gets put into the "other" box fast.
Women want to fit in, they want to be the part of the dominant local culture, and they want to feel power. All the way back to Ancient History, women who were part of the conquered tribes or empires mixed with their conquerors to avoid being killed or enslaved.
Women face a modern version of that minus the killing and blood. If she comes to a new country or sees a dominant culture, she wants to fit into that. Being a part of a culture with less influence is a loss to her.
Now add in the fact she is an outsider, she already has more to prove, call it a chip on her shoulder.
This is why you have so many cases of an Asian or ethnic guy who cleans up with white girls and black girls but struggles with ethnic girls that are hot in a country like America. It is not because he is ugly, odd, or his game is off; it is because he does not fit into the motives that those girls have. Meanwhile, a white guy who isn't even of quality fits into the motive automatically because he is white and in her world white is right.
The motive boils down to status and not wanting to feel like an outsider. The difference is, for women who are more foreign or ethnic, there is a bigger chip on their shoulder and an extra layer or insecurity which makes them more pro-white than say a white girl born and raised in the country.
The other motive is also based on location and what the culture values.
California has long been known as the deathbed for ethnic men and the world capital of white-worshippers and Anna Lus. It just so happens that the culture there is fueled by narcissism, status, and the desperate need to be cool. Compare this to a more relaxed state like say a big midwestern state or Florida, you might find that the local women value men that are just cool and good looking guys. Such is the motive here too.
A California girl might go everywhere and try to leech off of whoever she thinks is "cool" or "hip" since that is what the culture showed her is valuable. If you are the cool DJ or bartender at the hottest nightclub, you're set. If you are some independent guy who could give less of a fuck, you are screwed although who cares.
"But I love ethnic girls and am bored of white girls, this sucks me, give me advice on how to get my type."
Depending on how this thread is perceived, stay tuned for my next thread!
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2020.08.06 00:09 rightwingnews /u/ITSULTRAHARDCORE on Whats a good message board/forum like reddit, but with less propaganda postings and less droids?

There are some reddit clones but they don't get the same traffic. Voat and Seddit being two examples. 8chan used to be reddit/4chan hybrid but it's dead now.
from ITSULTRAHARDCORE on Whats a good message board/forum like reddit, but with less propaganda postings and less droids?
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2020.07.30 10:10 Aktrow05 I think my sister is being gas... lit up by her spouse. What should I do?

My older sister by a decade graduated with a degree studying finance about 9 years ago. She was able to use that degree to land a job at a competitive tech company, on the wst coast.
She’s a bit of a workaholic, but she would at least come see my parents or check in with me, her youngest sibling at least once a month. I have a fur nephew dog, hers that I babysit sometime.
We all life in the same county but different cities. She’s like a 30 - 40 minute drive away.
Anyway, flash 6 years ago, she meets this guy. My sister has a bit of a problem with the dumb Bich juice alcohol, now this guy is a “engineer” but... his resume is really shady and honestly i fee like being a good spoken Caucasian who sound like he’s a extra on the film Get Out helps him a lot with his career. She broke up with another guy who supported her through her bachelors degree
He does this weird touching massage thing, I’m pretty sure he found it from Reddit. I forgot the correct term, but it has to do with massaging or touching spefic parts of someone after or during when you talk to them. It was popular on seddit
She struggled with work life balance and 2 years ago, she told me she’s never seen counseling or therapy. Which is.. suprsing to me.
)keep in mind I’m part of a first gen American immigrant familia.)
So... should I pay him a visit? He always tries to “hug” me. He’s a bit creepy... he doesn’t know when to shut up because he thinks he’s interesting because he’s a manager at his job.
This is honestly breaking my heart I feel like I’m failing to protect my sibling.
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2020.07.23 20:47 _Zouth 'The sacred texts' or why I made PDF and EPUB versions of The Definitive Seddit Inner Game Collection

So, during my summer vacation I've decided to focus on improving myself and been reading a lot of books on the topic. As a part of that I found The Definitive Seddit Inner Game Collection which is now on my reading list.
However, instead of reading it on my computer I prefer to read longer texts on my E-Ink reader which is why I pasted all the Reddit posts linked in the guide into a Google Docs document and exported it as epub and pdf files. I also made an attempt to make it more book-like with formatting, table of contents, chapters etc. I'm by no means a typographer so it's most likely not perfect in that sense. If it would be of interest to someone else here's the EPUB version (exporting as epub messed up the formatting in some places) and the PDF version. Enjoy!
Credit where credit's due which is to the author of the respective post.
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2020.05.20 01:31 PuroPincheGains You new guys are seriously misunderstanding the point of seduction.

There is a new trend here in seduction. People in here are coming in and looking around and then leaving posts and comments about how cringey it is that people rely on the advice here. Others are coming in and asking questions about PUA concepts that should have been left in the early 2000s or whining about how the girl they talked to did not want to give them her number. All of these people seem to fundamentally not understand the point of this sub and how the concept of seduction works. Hell, one guy just lauded Models while criticizing the sub as if that is not the most highly recommend book of all time here. Clearly that person has not been paying attention, Mark Manson is listed on the sidebar.
Seduction is not magic. Cold Approaching is not necessary depending on your goals. Inner Game is self development and improvement. It's about living a life that is satisfying for yourself, and not for the sake of getting laid. When you achieve this, you will be more confident and you will carry yourself like a successful person. This will naturally lead you to more and more organic opportunities to meet people. Outer Game is how you capitalize on the opportunities you encounter. How to greet people, listen to what they have to say, and look them in the eyes. How to keep yourself from asking mindless interview questions, how to tell a compelling story, and how to build up to a kiss. These are all practical skills involved when getting someone's number and/or having a successful first date. When you put these together, you become Don Juan. That does not mean you can have whoever you want. Nobody can have whoever they want. If someone promised you that, they were lying to sell you stuff. You cannot have whoever you want, but you can have a successful dating life regardless. The sooner you start reading the sidebar and stop clicking on the YouTube links promising to get you laid in 5 minutes flat, the sooner you will find success.
If you are new here, you came here for a reason, and there are indeed ways to improve yourself. If you are seriously not sure where to start, then start here: Inner Game. Then read Models by Mark Manson. It is on Audible. Then go talk to people and see if you do not have a better grasp on social interactions.
If you think this is an incel sub, a sub for hating women, a sub for "nice guys" or assholes, or a sub for tricking people into liking you, then you are wrong. This is a sub for people who choose to have success in their personal and romantic relationships, even if you were not born or raised with the best social skills. This sub is for people who want to become better, and more successful versions of themselves. If you are not willing to concede that you need to improve, then nothing will help you. There is no faking it till you make it, women can smell that a mile away. If you are willing to put in the effort to actually be a better you, the information in this sub can change your life.
For outsiders just browsing around here, you are uninformed about what you are talking about and your immediate inclinations to criticize are mistaken. Some people are not gifted with the best social skills. These are mostly people with good intentions who want and deserve to experience romance and stronger relationships. The fact that these people seek out advice is not cringey. It is the first sign of someone who is dedicated to improvement. The advice here leads to better experiences for everyone involved. This sub does not make anyone cringey, they come here to kill their cringey habits and behaviors. If you see any advice here that involves trickery or dishonesty, those are not from the well known and respected people in this community. Stop telling people they should feel bad for wanting to be better.
Also, screw the fake PUAs around here who are shilling their products. You are ripping people off by promising them the world and then not delivering. If you are considering dropping a grand on some product, do not do it. The content can be found for far cheaper. Your nearest big city has a community that would gladly be your wingmen and give you tips for free. A weekend trip to the city is just a fraction of the cost of a bootcamp for the same content and accountability.
If there are any veterans out there, let us try to keep this sub from falling apart. I know this content changed my life, I will try to pay it forward more.
You got this guys.
TLDR: Read it, it's important
Misc. Tips:
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2020.05.02 22:54 ShnookieWookums Are there some non-Seddit Reddit posts that you feel gave really good advice?

In an effort to better myself during quarantine, I feel like I should at least read up on some stuff...
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2020.04.24 10:34 CitoyenEuropeen Séries francophones du moment sur Reddit

Les séries sont à la mode en ce moment! Cela ne me consolera pas d'avoir manqué UnAnDeGuerreEtPaix enlevé par u/TheDarkitect, mais bon...
En ai-je oublié?
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2020.03.14 17:46 AlbinosRa (Méta-)discutons du sub.

À l'heure où j'écris, sur ce sub - FD - il y a 63 abos, 65 posts pour une douzaine d'OPs et une vingtaine de participant.e.s dans les threads. 70% des posts ont eu lieu les 18 derniers jours.
FD a été créé il y a 110 jours - le contexte c'était le début de la mobilisation sociale et l'indigestion (ou disons un pic d'indigestion) de contenus réacs (ou plus généralement basse-qualité) sur le défaut géographique (france).
D'où des stigmates disséminés dans le nom (contenu comestible/condensé d'un corpus de connaissance), le logo (eat the rich vaguement en bleu blanc rouge) mais comme les avis divergeaient, le mot d'ordre initial est qu'il n'y aurait pas de règles ou directions précises avant un certain moment hormis de modérer les propos réacs : laissons le sub s'expliquer de lui-même.
Si on regarde le contenu de FD, sans qu'il n'y ait de règle officielle, il est principalement question de l'actualité politique, sociale, des idées, assez souvent le contenu n'est pas l'actualité même mais une mise en perspective par rapport à l'actualité. Il y a parfois du contenu long (radio/vidéo) plébiscité, et assez" radical" on n'est pas dans revuedepresse. On n'est pas non plus dans seddit, c'est quand même bien moins théorique.
Il n'y avait pas de règle officielle mais absolument tout le contenu est en langue française, concerne la France, et il n'y a aucun meme, ceux-ci semblent avoir été délocalisés vers MemeTresMobile.
Il y a une minorité de crossposts. Il est intéressant de noter qu'un des threads les plus populaires est un repost (pas un crosspost) d'une thread sur france qui était devenu nauséabond.
Il est aussi remarquable de voir que le contenu qui est posté est purement constructif, ce sub n'est pas un sub critique du geodefault comme MerdeInFrance.
Il y a pour l'instant assez peu de contenu et très peu de discussion dans les threads (à voir ce qu'on veut privilégier) même si le sub est objectivement en expansion, et ce serait dommâge que ça dissuade certain.e.s power users de venir poster du contenu cool. Le bon côté c'est qu'il y a eu peu de choses à modérer pour l'instant.

Donc voilà, discutons du sub (sans que ce soit d'ailleurs limité à ce que j'évoque dans ce texte).
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2020.02.10 20:12 dagod123 outdated guides and posts

reading through this and some of these threads are outdated / websites are now down.
Assuming I'm starting at level 0, and want a comprehensive framework to learn and follow, where shall I go? I see threads with nuggets, but as a level 0 it'd be nice to have maybe 5 blocks to start reading with.
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2020.02.06 22:27 Malouin MAJ FÉVRIER 2020

Nous recensons actuellement 1348 communautés, divisées en 37 thèmes, 4 pages wiki, 41 multis au total. Vous les retrouverez dans la sidebar à droite et dans les menus au dessus des posts. Le tout est aussi disponible ici :
Ce mois-ci, nous avons le plaisir d’annoncer la découverte de deux jumeaux Européens, deux annuaires qui ne sont ni francophones, ni anglophones.
Et voici notre mise à jour de Janvier.
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2020.01.20 21:45 quinnmcd Beginner Material

Beginner Guides & essential material:
Beginner Blueprint
Complete Noobie / Beginner Guide To Game
COMPLETE guide to game
How To Approach a Girl You Don't Know (video)
A Handy Guide on How to Ask a Girl Out, Yet Save Face for Both of You If She Isn’t Interested (added 1/22/20)
How to talk to women 101 (added 1/24/20)
Guide to Perfect Eye Contact (added 1/26/20)
Body Language (added 1/27/20)
Small Talk Cheat Sheet (added 2/21/2020)

Recommended reading:
How to Be a 3% man by Corey Wayne
No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Rober Glover
Models by Mark Manson
the Book of Pook
The Manual By W Anton
The Way of the Superior Man - David Dieda (added 1/27/2020) (added 3/4/2020)

The Definitive Guide To Abundance And Scarcity With Women
Quick tips for combating neediness and overthinking
Don't try to get her interested
Can't get over that girl? Do you feel obsessive? Have a friend who is obsessed with a girl? Can't get over something in life?
Read This If You're Scared
The girl is not the goal. The goal is to become a happy, driven, successful, self-assured man
"She / he is out of my league" - 3 Tips (added 1/24/20)

Building Confidence:
10 Simple Exercises To Build Rock-Solid Self-Belief & Charisma
My guide to building confidence for those who have none
How To Have The Most Confidence You've Ever Had In Your Life
35 Reasons Why You Should Stop Worrying & Just Be A Man Who Hits On Girls
3 Body Language Tips To Instantly Look More Attractive

Style, Grooming, Fitness:
Man's Guide To Looking Attractive (Collection Of Best Free Resources)

Easy and effective opener

6 Simple Flirting Examples That Create Sexual Tension (Without Being Sexual)
How To Flirt As An Introvert (video)
Super-Simple Flirting Method (video)
How To Flirt Without Being Creepy (video)
The Science of Flirting (video)
Flirting (video)

Why Your Text Game Sucks
Text Game (video)
Person Texting Guide

First date:
How to Setup a Date
How To Have A Killer First Date Every Time
What To Do On A Date (video)

DiCarlo Escalation Ladder: Concise and Emphasized
Physical Escalation (With Example Exercises To Practise) (video)
First Time Tips (video)
Kissing (video)

The answer to your question (FAQs) :
The answer to 50% of the questions on askseddit
12 things that annoy me about this place
Please Stop Confessing to Your Crushes (added 1/24)
How can I find women efficiently? (added 2/3)
Where do I find women (added 2/3)

Overcoming approach anxiety: (added 2/23)
How did you guys get over approach anxiety?
My Golden Rule of pickup and how it helped me overcome approach anxiety.
Killing Your Ego: The #1 Trick To Solve Your Approach Anxiety
How I overcame approach anxiety

Life hacks/Pro Tips/Bro Tips
Quicktips I find Important

Motivation: (added 1/24)
Most of the people you date will be emotionally unavailable
For men: honestly, you gotta go for the kiss.
Nothing you read will make you feel better (added 2/23/2020)
Matt Damon's Insight On Why You Should Not Fear Rejection (added 2/23/2020)

Other important material:
Learn to Love Small Talk (added 2/21/2020)
10 ways to have a better conversation (added 1/27/2020)
Never Run Out Of Things To Say To Women:Keep The Conversation Going Forever.
How to tell if a girl likes you
Getting Laid Will Not Solve Your Problems
simple exercises that improve your game
How to Be Invited Into Social Circles
How To INSTANTLY Know If a Girl Likes You (video)
Late Bloomers (video)
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2020.01.16 20:41 paulfromtwitch Since r/watchpeopledie went under anyone got any alternatives is full of racists and seddit is shit on mobile. Any places like that but for reddit
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2020.01.13 17:53 JustMy2Coppers "An Ode to Reddit," a poem by me.

We’ve all seen the joke that’s been goin' 'round Reddit,
The one with lame puns about “spreddit” and “shreddit.”
People assume that we’ll somehow forgeddit,
and then they repost it and act like they seddit.
We—the people—assume that they’ll eddit it,
find the original source and they’ll creddit it.
But alas, they don’t; but us Redditors leddit
continue and rise and evolve—we’ll regeddit
someday when we’re eating our Cheezits and breddit,
whiles sitting at home scrolling through Reddit threddits,
and all we see are these terrible puns.
And now, fellow Redditors, my rant is done.
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2020.01.06 14:38 quinnmcd Sidebar Updated:

*this is a repost/updated version of the old reddit SIDEBAR *
Field Reports - Regular / Top (Tag your field reports with [FR])
Seddit AMA Interview Series:
Seddit Lairs
Beginner Guides:
Beginner Blueprint
Complete Noobie / Beginner Guide To Game

Other important material:
DiCarlo Escalation Ladder: Concise and Emphasized
Never Run Out Of Things To Say To Women:Keep The Conversation Going Forever.
My guide to building confidence for those who have none
6 Simple Flirting Examples That Create Sexual Tension (Without Being Sexual)
The Definitive Guide To Abundance And Scarcity With Women
10 Simple Exercises To Build Rock-Solid Self-Belief & Charisma
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2019.12.31 04:45 confusedforme What happened to this place? Where are the field reports?

I frequented here a lot circa 2011-2014 when I was in undergrad, and there was literally no shortage of great content. Guys like tofutofu, puaCurveBall, and ThrowawayPUA (glad to see he’s still a mod) were infinitely helpful. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this snapshot from 2012 and play around with other snapshots from around then.
Tons of actual field reports, tofutofu writing the freaking seddit bible (, all the good AMA’s, and the rise of the Mark Manson type content on how this stuff should work.
Thankfully the sidebar (at least on old.reddit) has a lot of quality content.
I guess I was at least expecting to come back to some FR’s to inspire me to get going again (which I desperately need after the end of a 5 year relationship).
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2019.11.06 16:19 GeneralReposti_Bot If you have a question that is something along the lines of "How do I game my friend?" then read this.

There are a lot of people coming into AskSeddit lately with questions very much like this:
Et cetera.
Here comes the bad part: Don't even try. Just don't. It's a bad idea and you will almost definitely end up hurting yourself or her in the process.
Here's the thing: This whole concept of "I want to change her mind about me"? That isn't how pickup works. You need to understand one of the basic tenets of seduction, and that is that no matter how much you learn about seduction, you cannot make any one person more interested if she isn't already.
What you're dealing with in these situations is a simple case of oneitis, which basically translates to "I want to be with this girl because she's special/she's the one/there's something about heetc." The generally accepted prescription for oneitis is to "go out and have sex with ten other women and then see if you feel that this one girl is still that special." And the basic reason behind it is this:
People are lazy. As a pickup artist, you do not want to have to work too hard at this. You want to be able to get the maximum result for the least amount of effort. And the fact of the matter is, in ninety-nine percent of the cases, if you're trying to get with a girl who already knows you and considers you a friend, the amount of effort to get her to think of you first as a sexual object and then as one she's actually interested in being with is FAR too much.
You know what you should be doing instead? Go out and find NEW girls. Forget about the ones you're already friends with. It's way more trouble than it's worth, and you will not only be spinning your wheels, you'll get frustrated over something that's supposed to be fun.
I know that AskSeddit is a place for newbies, and that's fine. But the thing is, you can't expect to come in without having read up on anything at all and expect us to give you a magic pill that will get you the girl you want. We can't do that, and it would be unfair to you if we didn't tell you that up front.
My general advice for newbies?
  1. Go to /seduction and read as much of the content in the sidebar as you can. Learn the basics, especially the parts about inner game. Seduction is as much if not more about helping yourself to be a better person than it is about getting girls.
  2. Forget about the women that are already in your life. And I mean forget about them. The odds are overwhelmingly that you will never sleep with them if you haven't by now. If you're keeping them around because you're in the friend zone and you hope that someday they'll let you out of it, set them loose, because you're being disingenuous and perhaps even downright dishonest to them by being their friend when it's not what you want to be.
  3. Go out and meet as many new women as you can. I know there are a lot of younger guys in this subreddit, people who are in college and the like. There couldn't be a better time in your life to simply go out and meet as many women as you possibly can. They're all OVER the place where you are.
  4. Be excited. If you're just starting out with PUA material, get psyched! You have an awesome journey ahead of you and you will learn a lot of interesting things about yourself if you treat it seriously.
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Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announces resignation
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2019.10.09 15:26 niceguyputin The Definitive Seddit Inner Game Collection 📷

Hi guys. This post will be linked in the sidebar as the definitive Inner Game resource on seddit. Consider it the "hall of fame" of Inner Game posts. It will be updated as necessary.
What is Inner Game? Inner Game is what goes on in your mind. It's the attitudes, values and emotions you carry with you in every moment of your life. A man with solid Inner Game will have few problems attracting women. He will have strong confidence and self-esteem. He is the man every one of you reading this should strive to be.
I've put a lot of focus and effort into writing and collecting the best references on Inner Game possible. I encourage you to read the posts linked below. Revisit them from time to time and feel free to ask any questions you may have.
Without further ado...
My personal contributions on Inner Game. These should provide a good base to start from:
Inner (and outer) characteristics that should define who you are as a man:
Lesson 1: Primer on Being a Modern Alpha Male by TofuTofu
How these characteristics are manifested internally and externally:
Lesson 2: Alpha Body Language & Tonality AND MORE (from RSD) by TofuTofu
How being happy affects your game and how to achieve happiness:
Lesson 3: Importance of Projecting an Aura of Happiness and Well-being by TofuTofu
What 'Giving Value' Means and its Importance:
ON GIVING VALUE: Why you're not being invited out to do cool things by TofuTofu
How to not let results affect your self-esteem:
The Poker Analogy: Why Your Self-Esteem Shouldn't Be Dependent on Your Results by TofuTofu
These are the best of the best Inner Game posts on seddit. Please read them carefully, they are worth your time:
Inner Game traits of alpha males:
The Inner Game of Being Alpha by MaysonNSS
The 4 Foundations to Getting Success with Women by MaysonNSS
How-to guide on improving your Inner Game:
Ten Steps to strong inner game. (by me) by KillYourTelevision
Another excellent guide on improving in pickup - baby steps:
Pickup is Unicycling by Exurbia
One sedditor's heartfelt story of inner game improvement:
How I rebuilt myself by puaCurveBall
Steps you can take to improve your being & mindset:
How to play the game right. Just from what I know from my own experiences. by sparkreason
How to carry the energy from your "good nights" with you as you develop:
Peak Experiences defined: The Nights You Have That Top All Others and How To Have More of Them. by BLuefack
How to be a value giver (read the comments):
Give value without seeking approval. Can someone go more in depth on what this means? by unmovingshadow
On having an abundance mentality:
Scarcity vs Abundance: How neediness kills your game. by MaysonNSS
On staying outcomes independent:
Outcome Dependence: View From The Other Side by nycprowl
On staying outcomes independent:
Stop caring about outcome -> Entertain Self by testmypatience
On eliminating neediness from your life:
Why neediness is bad, why it exists, and how to fix it by chalengr
Step-by-step guide for improving yourself:
Lessons in Game by VanNorden
On being in state and assuming attraction:
Why Being In State is Important & Why NOT to Wait for IOIs, or, What Drinking Alcohol Taught Me by TofuTofu
On how Vulnerability is totally congruent with Alphaness
Vulnerability - Alpha vs Beta (and other concepts) by testmypatience
Special advice for introverts:
Introversion VS Extroversion and why it matters to you: Learn to vibe. by BLuefack
Deep, detailed analysis of the core of self-esteem and inner game:
Notes on "The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem" by Nathaniel Branden. Gets to the core of inner game issues. by thedude108
Small tips to improve your self-esteem & confidence:
10 Resolutions That Will Drastically Improve Your Life by MaysonNSS
Some inspirational quotes:
Some Quotes by frogma
As per a sedditor's request: The 21 epiphanies that helped me in my quest to become better at seduction. by GreatBarrierReefer
Buddhism and Inner game by bangthemermaid
External Resources:
Lastly, many sedditors find the field reports [FR] on seddit to be inspirational. Feel free to read what your fellow sedditors are going through and comment. We all grow together. As you improve your Inner Game, please give back to the community as much as possible. Thank you.
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1825 9chatFR Abitibi acadie actu AddictionsFR Afrique agilefr aixenprovence aixmarseille AJEstUnCon AJEstUnConLibre Algereddit algerie Alimentation Alouettes alsace anarchisme anglais AnimalCrossingFrance Annuaire Aquitaine arduino_raspPi_FR AskFrance AskMontreal asmonaco AssocialFrance Asterix Astronomie AuServiceDeLaFrance AutoHebergement Auvergne Avenir aymaide_fr banalites bandedessinee BDFrancophone Belgians Belgique Belgium_irl BelgiumPics bellepatisserie Benalla Benin besoindeparler BestOfFrance BFFR Biologie bitcoinfr BitcoinFrance blaguesenfrancais bordeaux Bourgogne breizh Bretagne Breton brussels BruxellesMaBelle BurkinaFaso bussiere Caen cafedessciences CajunFrench Cameroun canada canada_fr CelebsFrance ChansonFrancaise CharlotteGainsbourg Cherbourg Chimie cinemacinema CinemaFrancais Citroen ClashRoyaleFR clermontfd CoeursBrisesDeFrance collapsologie CommeDitLaJeuneMariee CommuneDeReddit Communisme Concordia ConnardsDeParisiens conseiljuridique conspiration Cotedivoire 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HytaleFrance IHateFrance ImagesOfFrance IndiemagFR Iphone_france islamophobie ivrevirgule jardin jdr jememarre jeuairfrance jeux jeuxderole JeuxDeSociete jeuxvideo Judo_FR Justicedeclasse JustinTrudeauFr JustLyonThings justmarseillethings kaamelott Kamoulox ketofr kta LaFranceavauleau LaReunion Lausanne Laval leagueoflegendsFR learnfrench Legranddebat Lehavre LePetitMusee LesMemesFrancais LetsNotMeetFR Lgbtfrance LGBTNews_Francais LgbtqiEtPlus Ligue1 Lille Limousin Linuxfr Litterature litteraturequebec Livres Livresetpartage Livresfr Lorraine luckyluke Lyon Madagascar malfrance Mali mangafr mangerbouger maroc Martinique Mauritania mecsfous melenchon memes_fr meprisdeclasse MerdeInFrance MerdeInMerdeInFrance metaquebec MFrance MinecraftFrance MMAfr ModelFrance Modsocfr moi_dlvv Monaco Monero_Fr MonPetitFrancais Montpellier montreal MontrealBazaar MontrealCycling MontrealEnts MontrealFood Montrealfrancais montrealimpact montrealmusic MTL_DnD mulhouse Musiqc musiquefrancaise 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I'm a voice actor who reads and commentates on Reddit Stories and brings the characters to life! Thank you to all of our authors for submitting your stories ... Bringing you the best content on the internet! WELCOME TO REDDIT INC.! If you like SCARY,CREEPY,HORROR stories then you are at right channel! This channel is pretty much dedicated to the discussion of cre... reddit the front page of the internet reddit is a platform for internet communities where your votes shape what the world is talking about subscribe! : htt... In this video about the social news aggregation website Reddit I explore its rivalry with Digg, what it takes to reach the frontpage, the ubiquity of reposts... Reddit mysteries are eerie, and it's safe to say that the platform has no shortage of them. Tonight, we're going to kick off a new series where we explore th... Popper Tool Kit: RESTMORE (30 Day): Blackhead Facial Mask: Thinergy: Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.